Stunned cat looking at cat watcher

Watching a friend’s cat.

Watching a friend’s cat.

The approach will start, with a pleasant “could you do me a favor”? How could you say no? You really shouldn’t, as it’s so easy to watch a cat. Watering the plants, which no doubt you’ll be asked to do as well, is probably more demanding. Riskier too. Believe it or not, a cat is probably more independent, than a plant and certainly more rigorous.

However, there is that litter box! Have your friend go all out and supply some of those disposable ones. Also, request dry food feeding, or zip lid wet food, if required. Get those two items, and you’re sailing. If you’ve never owned a cat, you might find you’ll actually enjoy the feline experience. Just don’t forget to water the plants.

Now for the entertainment, as much yours’ as the cats, I assure you. You can link here to an article I wrote, titled “keeping your cat very entertained”. If you’ve never seen a cat go at cardboard, paper or toilet paper, you’ll enjoy it.
You should also be sure to have the Vets’ number on hand, just in case. Knowing the signs of an unwell cat, would be good to know as well. Here’s a link from The Conscious Cat, you can refer to. Again, just in case.

Here’s a check list, you and your friend can go over, to make sure you’re ready and prepared.

Doing cat supervision the right way.

The Vets’ number, with emergency service if available.
The Conscious Cats’ quick guide (It’s an excellent resource)
Disposable litter box. 1 per 2 days.
Easy feed food. Follow the same feeding schedule, the cat is accustomed too.
Maybe some cat treats too.
A cardboard box, large paper bags and a couple of rolls of toilet paper.
A few toys might be a good idea.
Popcorn for you, while you watch the cat go at the paper products.
And don’t forget to water the plants.


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