Cat on a leash is very unhappy

How to walk a cat or should I say drag?

So, you want to know how to walk a cat?

Well, chances are you won’t and probably never will. I’ve witnessed this, but just once in my life and referred to it in an article I previously wrote, which you can quickly look at here__. Now back to dragging a cat, oops! I mean walking a cat. Perhaps you’ll have a fluffy friend tethered, while it rolls or remains listless on the grass. Walking it however, is another thing. I don’t mean to discourage anyone. Perhaps, with time, patience and continued attempts, you may find some success. For the most part, you’ll have a restrained cat, hopefully content to sit or roll around in spot to spot.

They just don’t take to it. That is your standard short hair, or the likes. I do know, that Savannahs’ are rather obliging, in these matters, but they are a different breed all together. I’d like to be proven wrong and maybe will be, but I’ve had lots of cats, befriended countless cat owners and have kept myself abreast of anything and everything cat, for over 40 years. To this day, I find the notion of walking a cat, just that – a notion. I assume that when people refer to walking a cat, they mean a few steps, a roll, a pause, another few steps and more than likely picking up the cat to put down a few feet away and repeat the process. This is still great for the cat. By no means should you not take a cat out for a nice roll without safely guarding the cat with a secure collar. Getting outside is good for both of you. You shouldn’t be disappointed if you don’t end up in a walk that like one you would have with a dog, at least.

Before I stick my foot completely in my mouth, I decided to check the web for videos, on walking cats. There’s not too many, which says a lot. Given today’s day and age, YouTube and all, one would think that there would be a host of them, after all, pets are big part of the information craze. You’d figure a cat walking on a leash would have appeal, a big calling card so to speak. So of the few I found, the segments are limited cuts and show nothing really cat walkie. On the other hand, I did notice quite a few supporting my claim, that you can’t really walk a cat. I provided a link to a Buzz Feed vid on that very point. I think you’ll like it.–_wM

A word of caution, cats are incredibly adept at getting out of restraints, cats behave like that squeezed balloon. You squeeze here and it pops out there. So please, be very careful, because once they’re out, they’re in danger. Especially near roads and streets.


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