UCLA study gives pets a bad rap :-(.

I’m giving UCLA study a bad rap! Please join me :-).


I’m curious to know. In fact, very curious to know. Does this report impact your    opinion or decision, making process, with regard to your per or pets? In short, would you give up your pet, as a result of the information presented in this study? I didn’t think so.

So, what exactly then, is the purpose of this study? It’s almost like studying whether my children consume to much oxygen. If so, what would the study suggest? Exactly! Pointless.

Don’t get me wrong.

I’m as concerned about the environment, as the next guy. In fact, it was a big enough concern, that I became an environmentalist. Not by attitude, or behaviour, but by degree. I’ll recycle, reuse, repurpose or re-anything for that matter. Save and except, reconsider my pets!

Now, I’ve befriended many of you, out there in the pet blogosphere. It’s been wonderful and continues to be. What’s interesting about us Pet Nuts, is we’re all so different. In that, nothing but the love of our pets, defines us as group, or grouping for that matter. Not religion, race, political leaning, social class, income bracket, gender, age, sexual orientation, opinion, skill, intelligence, career, etc.

There is absolutely nothing common about us. Except, we love our pets, which in my opinion makes us wonderful people 😊. There is one other commonality, we share and that’s passion. We passionately, love our pets. I wonder if the people, who did this study, know exactly how passionately we love our pets. I think, if they did they wouldn’t have bothered with the study.

So, I invite all my fellow Pet Nuts, to pass on the following message:

Dear academia, government, fellow citizens and interterestrial beings.

Wherever you may be. I will never give up my pet, or pets. Nor will I give up the right to have more, or another pet in the future. With all due respect, please don’t do studies, which may impact my rights and desires as so described, in this friendly note. Ty, a Pet Nut 😊.


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