Plant that is toxic for cats

House and garden plants toxic to cats.

Toxic plants and your cat.

Here’s a few pictures of some toxic plants, along with a list of some of the most common, in and around the home plants, which can be very poisonous to your feline friends.

Aloe Vera Cyclamen Jade Plant Poinsettia
Arrowhead Daffodil Kalanchoe Pointsetas
Asparagus Fern Dieffenbachia Lilies Poison Primrose
Autumn Crocus Elephant Ear Marijuana Pothos
Baby’s breath English Ivy Milkweed Sago Palm
Begonia Gladiola Morning glory Spanish thyme
Bird Of Paradise Heartleaf Philodendron Mother In Laws Tongue Tomato plant

By no means, does this list include all the common home and garden plants, which are poisonous to cats.

In fact, there seems to be so many, it might be easier to identify those which are not. The number of plants, that can be poisonous to your cat, is in the hundreds, possibly thousands. You’ll find a link at the end of this paragraph, which will connect you to the ASPCA’s poison control page. Here you’ll find an extensive and in-depth examination, of the great majority of plants, which are toxic to your feline friends. It’s important to note, that not all toxic plants have fatal consequences, should they be ingested by your cat. They range in effect from, mild, moderate to fatal. If you suspect your cat has ingested some toxic plant material. It would be a good idea to record the plant, or plants you suspect. So, they can be investigated, to help you, your Vet or possibly a botanist determine the type of plant ingested. So, pictures of the plant or plants in question, would be a good idea to have on hand. I’m sure veterinarians are familiar with most toxic plants, but they certainly can’t be expected to identify all of them. As you’ll see, should you go to the link here, the number of plants poisonous to cats is very, very extensive.

Why not consider growing some safe and edible shrubbery for Frisky? Here’s a few you can grow from seed. I’ve included a few links, at the end of this article from a great site, which sells these seeds and offers some great how-to ideas. For a few bucks your feline friend can safely experience that natural cat desire to chew the green. It also sounds like fun. If you’ve got kids, get them involved too. In a few short weeks, you can all sit back and watch Frisky mow the lawn.

Gardening with Pets:
You enjoy your garden. You enjoy your pets. And pets certainly revel in the sights and smells of the great outdoors. But besides those smile-prompting moments of Fido wriggling in the grass and Fluffy basking in the sun, pets also dig holes, crush plants, chew on leaves, and chase wildlife. The trick is to keep pets and plants safe from each other. And to make the pet-in-the-garden experience even more special. For more, click on the link below. Happy gardening 😊.

*From left to right: Cat grass vegetated, Mung bean sprouts, Cat grass, Catnip, Lemongrass and Wheatgrass


























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