Snuggling cat sleeping in a bowl

Snuggling up, on a cold hard surface.

Oddly enough, cats enjoy curling up in or on cold surfaced basins. At least some cats do. Have you ever found your cat sleeping in a sink? Or some other place, which doesn’t seem like the best choice? Well, I have. Often I find one of our cats snuggled in the dogs’ empty stainless steel food bowl. Our dog is large and therefore so is the bowl. I wanted to see how common this experience was. So in a quick google search, I found some sites, which sell ceramic basins not unlike a sink. Are they popular? They must be; since this product was sold out on a few sites.

So, if you’re renovating a bathroom, or kitchen or you’re planning to, maybe you should keep that old sink, it might go to good use 😊

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