A lady lion tamer from the early 20th century.

PETA goes viral, for the wrong reasons.

PETA goes viral, for the wrong reasons.

This past week, PETA released a controversial video, depicting the abuse of a domestic cat. It was to have demonstrated, a parallel to the abuse big cats endure, who are used in performing acts. I guess, they’re referring to cats, who perform in circus acts.

The problem, was that the cat in the video was a CGI (computer generated image), which PETA failed to disclose. Watching the video, left most viewers with the impression, that it was indeed a real domestic cat. Perhaps, part of the imagery was real and some CGI. It was so well done, it’s hard to decipher the real, from computer generated. You can see the video below.

Does the end justify the means, in this case?

At best, this practice is deceptive. At worst, it’s an out right lie. Peta, has tried to play it all off. Suggesting, they never tried to hide the fact, that the cat in the video was a CGI (computer generated image) and that they intended to indicate this, soon after release of the video.

Well, they never got the opportunity to come clean, assuming they would as they so indicated. Somewhere, during their PR firm trying to encourage Mashable (a news outlet), to release it, in the hopes of it going viral and it’s eventual posting. S#*t hit the fan!

This is not the first time.

Peta has been in repair mode, since events unfolded. This is not the first time, that PETA has tried to sway public reaction, through deceptive means. Now let me ask you this, “does it matter?” The big question is, “does the end justify the means?”

After all, PETA is well intended, are they not? So, should we as animal lovers, cut them some slack? Or, should we take offense, with their attempt to deceive us? It’s a thin line, where do you stand? We’d love to know. Please share your thoughts with us, in the comment section.


A closing note. I don’t know that much about the big cats, but I can tell you something about our little domesticated ones. They do as they please and no one is going to tell them what to do. That’s what makes them so special 😊. Agree, or disagree? Let us know in the comments.


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