Can of sardines for cat food recipe

Mashed Sardines and condiments.

Mashed Sardines and condiments.

Your cat will wonder what they did to deserve, such
a fine and scrumptious dinner.

1 can sardines in oil (unseasoned, not additives)
1 baby carrot
1 small green olive (pitted)
¼ cup cooked oatmeal


Mash the sardines and mix well with oatmeal, set aside in a bowl. Then finely chop
the green olive and baby carrot. Mix and fold into the Sardine and Oatmeal mix.
This should make enough for a couple of servings. So, unless you have a couple of cats,
set aside and store half in the fridge. Discard after 2 days if not used.

For more info, on making your own cat food click here

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