Nail clipper to cut cats nails

How to clip your cats’ nails (claws).


Let’s look at how to clip your cats’ nails (claws).


For starters, don’t anticipate getting all 20 nails done in one shot. It’s just not going to happen, at least without strong resistance. A slow methodical approach is much better and will reduce the chance of injury to both you and the cat. You want to make accurate clips, not to shortened, which could injure the cat and you certainly don’t want to get scratched. These two undesired results can happen if your approach is too quick, or requires restraint.

It’s important to know and recognize the nail anatomy. I took some pictures of a few of my cats’ nails to give you a varied image of what to be on lookout for. Note the pink segment within the nail. This is a vascular area which you want to avoid. Clipping this area will result in bleeding (and pain to the cat), so give reasonable distance from it when clipping. It’s best to clip just the tip.

It’s also a good idea to have ready-treats. Introduce the clippers along with a treat to your cat. Let the cat smell or rub up on the clippers, while having a treat. This will enforce a positive perception of the clippers, and allow the cat to relax. Desirably, the cat may lay down, leaving the paws available for handling.

So with one paw in hand, gently push the soft part causing the nails to protrude and with a gentle approach, quickly trim as many nails as may be tolerated. Then quickly give the cat a treat. Hopefully, the cat is still relaxed and laying down. Repeat the process, moving from paw to paw and giving treats to follow up each series of clips. If the cat has lost patience, then let some time pass and return when the cat is once again relaxed. There is no quick way to get this done, at least peacefully that is.

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