Cat sitting between books on an Ikea type shelf

Ikeas got great cat stuff, but they don’t know it.

Ikeas got great cat stuff, but they don’t know it.

I was looking through my Ikea catalogue the other day. I don’t know why, but I always have trouble putting it down. They’ve got Uber everything. I soon realized how many things they have for cats. No, not specifically designed for cats, but could easily be used for a cat or many cats! The cat will never know. After all, one man or woman’s book shelf is another cat’s condo or tree or a combination of both. Grab the catalogue and look for yourself. There’s lots of stuff that could do the trick.

Here’s some of the great, some very suitable items I found. You could easily, throw in a little bit of the imagination, minor assembly and strategically mount any one or combination of these items to the wall. They’re of great quality, sharp looking & Uber and economical. I’d bet for a few bucks you could deliver the cat something amazing and maybe for yourself too. Share the space with those feline buddies. They’ll get this shelf, you get the other one. Cheers!

These prices are in Canadian dollars and valid at the time of publication (March 2017)

*If your order is big enough you may be able to order on line!


16 ¼ ” x 15 ” x 4 ¾ ”      $15.00



31 ½” x 13 ¾” x 82 5/8”    $205.00




41 3/8” x13 ¾” x27 ½”    $65.00


11 3/4 ” x 10 1/4 ” x 2 ”      $9.99




10 ¼ ” x 7 ½ ” x 22 ¾ ”      $24.99



14 ¼ ” x 7 ¾ “x 11 ½ ”    $4.99




9 ¾ ” x 15 ¾ “x 38 ½ ”    $12.99




15 ” x 16 ½ ” x 13 ”        $12.99


Here’s an instructional video on installing lack shelving.


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