Entertained cat playing with hanging ball

Keeping your cat very entertained.

Keeping your cat very entertained

Are you thinking of keeping your cat very entertained and f you’re a newbie when it comes to owning a cat, then the tips I’m about to share with you on keeping your feline buddy entertained will come in handy. Before you run out and purchase the latest in toys, condos, baskets, etc. All of which are fine and dandy. It is good to know that all the things cats like are probably just sitting around your house, to begin with. So, what are these oh so irresistible must haves for a cat? First up is a box, preferably corrugated and with a hole sizeable enough for the cat to enter. Next in line, a bag. Not just any bag, it should be a paper bag. Preferably a large one, like the one you’d get from a grocery store. A plastic one might do the trick, but seasoned and experienced cats know the paper one is considerably better. For starters, it has crinkle and crunch appeal. It can also be chewed into little itty bitty pieces.

Same goes for the box. Corrugated is superior, as it can be chewed far better than a rigid single layered box. However, in the absence of the corrugated box, a shoe box is a good second choice. Regardless of make-up or design, both the bag and box provide that super power that cats seek out, which is invisibility. Remember, if the cat can’t see you then, of course, you can’t see them. In the event, you can see them, pretend you can’t.

Toilet paper & paper towels

Now, if you really want to go all out. Introduce a roll of toilet paper. It should be a full roll because a half roll only makes half a mess. A roll of paper towels work fine too. Depending on the level of your cats connoisseurly skills, one might be preferred over the other. In that, try both, and for gods’ sake, don’t rush to clean up the mess. Cats don’t take kindly to that.

It’s good clean fun for the cat, which can last a long time.

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