Old clock symbolic of history of cats

Cats Throughout History, Culture & Religion.

A quick note on Cats Throughout History, Culture & Religion.

In writing about cats throughout history, which could be a contentious topic “religion.” I hope I’ve offended no one. These points that I’ll deliver may be informal and loosely compiled, but they are intended to cast a bright and positive light on cats. Aside from the many positive highlights afforded cats across such a broad spectrum, the most encouraging discovery is the shared positive sentiment towards cats. At the minimum, a kind regard. It is hoped, that these points may dispel negative concerns, myths, old wives’ tales and superstitions that could be of no benefit to cats and their well-being.

To ponder

So, whether you are religious, or not. We can all agree that cats are most worthy of kindness and care. At best, they’re there for all the snuggling and hugging that they can tolerate😊.

For a more in-depth look at Cats through the ages, you might want to check out this link to Wikipedia,

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