Olives which cats go crazy for

Cats go crazy with olives.


          Olive Mania!!!

Not just any olive. It should be of the green variety and preferably stuffed with a pimento. It might also be a good idea to remove the pit. You don’t need to worry about toxicity or ill effect, if the cat consumes the olive or some of it. According to cat behaviorist and television host – Jackson Galaxy, he reports that consuming olives has no detrimental effect on cats. From my own experience, they don’t usually ingest it, but rather play with it.

Olives and catnip provoke similar behaviors in cats. They share similar compounds which cause the exhilarated reaction cats get. The olive contains isoprenoids, whereas catnip contains nepetalactone. Although these compounds are not identical, they work in a similar manner on your cat. Also, from my experience, the olive provokes a more heightened reaction than catnip. You should note that not all cats react to these compounds, so don’t be concerned if your cat shows no reaction.

So, if you’ve never given your cat an olive, try it. The cat’s reaction is quite uncanny. You’ll both enjoy the experience.


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