Mosque representing cats in Islam story

Cats in Islam

Cats in Islam

I don’t know if you’ll be surprised, but I certainly was. Now, before I get on with this article. I would like to make mention that during my research around this topic; I noticed that some authors periodically post-scripted the mention of the prophet Mohamed with “peace and blessings of Allah be upon him).” So with respect to all our Muslim readers, it should be considered applied throughout this article when and where appropriate.

Did you know that with regard to Islam and the prophet?

  • Cats are considered the quintessential pet.
  • The prophet’s life was possibly saved by a cat that stopped a snake.
  • The prophet prohibited the persecution and killing of cats.
  • Cats can be welcome into the mosque, and subsequently the home.
  • The prophet had a cat named Muezza, whom he loved dearly.
  • It is believed cats seek out those who are praying.
  • During sermons, the prophet often had his cat on his lap.
  • Cats are considered to be not just clean, but ritually clean.
  • The prophet referred to cats as being “the rightful”, because of their ability to always end up landing upright after a fall.
  • On one occasion, the prophet preferred to cut off the sleeve of his robe that Muezza was sleeping on, rather than wake her.

All this was not only a surprise but a very welcome surprise to me. Cats need all the friends they can get and it seems they many. So don’t be shy to ask your Muslim friends and acquaintances to adopt, foster or support cat projects which you may be involved in. -Salem.

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