Hindu shrine and cats in Hinduism

Cats in Hinduism.

Cats in Hinduism.

The regard for animals is well known in Hinduism. Hurting any living creature is a fundamental No-No, period. Where a cat is concerned, if a Hindu kills a cat, they must go to Kashi and donate a small cat made of gold. You can, therefore derive, that killing a cat is very prohibited in Hinduism.

Within the practice and different gods, there is a goddess represented with a cat. Shashthi or Shashti (literally “sixth”) is a Hindu folk goddess, venerated as the benefactor and protector of children (especially, as the giver of a male child). She is also the deity of vegetation and reproduction and is believed to bestow children and assist during childbirth.

In countries where Hinduism is practiced, a cat may be-rest assured, that it is safe. However, they are not as embraced, as one might assume. Having a pet cat, or any pet for that matter is not at the forefront of practices. But most importantly, cats are very well protected, including feral cats.

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