Pope Francis and cats in Christianity

Cats in Christianity.

Cats in Christianity.
By sheer demographics, cats are obviously loved by Christians and accepted, in Christian homes. However, this was not always the case, with regard to Catholicism. Unlike other religions, in historical context. In fact, cats were basically demonized, although never mentioned, in the Bible. Possession or ownership of a cat might have proved fateful during the Salem witch hunt or inquisition. As cats were thought to be associated with Satan and evil spirits. Aside from the absurd notions, cats were considered dirty and unbecoming of a Catholic home. Well, that has certainly changed, given:




Pope Francis declares all cats Christians at Vatican summit.


(March 8th, 2016)
VATICAN CITY—In a sweeping statement Tuesday, Pope Francis announced his belief that all cats across the world are Christians. Although pundits frequently acknowledge the Pope’s progressive policies, Catholic scholars are calling this a “truly unprecedented” move. I wonder if the Pope has a cat. If anyone knows, please let us know, in the comment section below. Thank you 😊.




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