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Cat numbers at a glance.

 Cat numbers at a glance.

These figures about cats by country, are in line with the just about all censuses I’ve researched. My only question is, where on earth is Canada? Canada has not been listed in any summary, I’ve come across. Why? Does anyone have an answer to this anomaly? After all, Canada has about 8 million domesticated cats, putting it easily into the top 10. I can’t find Canada, on any cat population summary list. If anyone can explain this, please let us know. Just drop the info in the comment section below.


USA 75,000,000 Canada 7,900,000 Argentina 3,000,000
China 53,000,000 Italy 7,400,000 Netherlands 2,900,000
Russia 18,000,000 Ukraine 7,350,000 Hungary 2,300,000
Brazil 12,500,000 Japan 7,300,000 Australia 2,200,000
France 11,500,000 Poland 5,500,000 South Africa 2,000,000
Germany 8,300,000 Romania 3,900,000 Belgium 1,900,000
UK 8,000,000 Spain 3,500,000 Czech Rep. 1,750,000







Table courtesy of:

Maps of the World.


Table courtesy of:

The Independent.


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