Cutting marriage certtificate is symbolic of who gets the cat

Divorce and who gets the cat?

Divorce and who gets the cat?

Laughing aside, this can be a very serious issue. In the midst of high tension and anxieties, the “who gets Fluffy?” issue can be very real and serious. Slowly but surely, courts are starting to look at the importance of the family pet.  Pet custody is no longer seen as a trivial matter; it is now treated as more than the simple distribution of property and has assumed a more significant role than in the past.


Now, several courts are regarding the custody of pets in a manner similar to who gets the children. Even visitation rights are now being determined by the judge.

So, who does get Fluffy? Usually, it is the party that can demonstrate that they are the primary care giver and can afford the continued care and can also prove that they purchased Fluffy. However, it must be shown that the purchase was done with monies outside the combined and shared family coffers and where applicable, prior to marriage.

Beyond the custodial argument, courts have awarded shared custody agreements, schedules on visitation rights and if required, alimony payments. When courts won’t intervene, it is left to the couple (owners) to work out a contract between themselves instead.

We should all hope that things never have to get to that stage.

If you’ve experience in these matters, or know someone who has. We would love to hear about it. Just leave us a comment below.

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