Buddha representing cats in Buddhism story

Cats in Buddhism

Cats in Buddhism

“Sentient beings” is what they are. We’re referring to cats here, and according to Mahayana Buddhists, It is said they poses the five aggregates; matter, sensation, perception, mental formations and consciousness. Buddhist teachings suggest that cats can reincarnate and the souls of the departed may return to the earth as cats. The Buddha is recorded as saying that “just as the word ‘chariot’ exists based on the aggregation of parts, even so, the concept of ‘being’ exists when the five aggregates are available.

Mahayana Buddhism simultaneously teaches that sentient beings possess the Buddha nature. That intrinsic potential to transcend the conditions of samsara, thereby attaining enlightenment and therefore obtaining Buddhahood.

However, all that spirit and sentiment aside, they do have a practical purpose, particularly with riding Buddhist shrines of pests. Monks have appreciated the cat’s ability “to clean the house,” for millennia.

With all considerations, it can readily be surmised that cats are most welcome within the culture.

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