Cats In Society

Pope Francis and cats in Christianity

Cats in Christianity.

Cats in Christianity. By sheer demographics, cats are obviously loved by Christians and accepted, in Christian homes. However, this was not always the case, with regard to Catholicism. Unlike other religions, in historical context. In fact, cats were basically demonized, although...

Cats in Christianity. By shee...

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Buddha representing cats in Buddhism story

Cats in Buddhism

Cats in Buddhism “Sentient beings” is what they are. We’re referring to cats here, and according to Mahayana Buddhists, It is said they poses the five aggregates; matter, sensation, perception, mental formations and consciousness. Buddhist teachings suggest that cats can reincarnate...

Cats in Buddhism “Sentient ...

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Mosque representing cats in Islam story

Cats in Islam

Cats in Islam I don’t know if you’ll be surprised, but I certainly was. Now, before I get on with this article. I would like to make mention that during my research around this topic; I noticed that some authors periodically...

Cats in Islam I don’t know ...

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