Feeding Your Cat

Mixing up some salmon patties

Salmon patties

Salmon patties Salmon patties are a simple, yet delicious meal for your feline friend. It is a delicious meal, for all. So, portion ingredients according to your needs. Ingredients 1 small can salmon, in oil 4 unsalted, soda crackers 1 medium sized egg 1 teaspoon, grated...

Salmon patties Salmon patties...

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Crispy bacon to add to liver and eggs

Bacon, Bacon, Eggs and Liver!

Bacon, liver and eggs! Not for human consumption. Should only be consumed, by an obligate carnivore. This recipe could instantly clog your arteries, but not your cats. It’s an obligate carnivores’, dream meal. Ingredients 3 slices, of bacon 2 large chicken livers 1 large egg Directions to...

Bacon, liver and eggs! Not fo...

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