Cream cheese, lox, egg & olive.

Cream cheese, lox, egg & olive.

*Warning! Don’t show this meal to anyone, but the cat. People will think you’re crazy. Now that I’m posting this on my blog, no doubt I’ll get a few calls, asking if I’m okay, lol.
Only a true and crazy cat lover will go to these extremes. There is also, a presentation
factor required for this recipe. Cats absolutely love this!!! Personally, I think presentation
plays a role, in its’ appeal to cats. Although, some may argue, but what do they know?

So, here we go.


3 good slices, smoked unsalted salmon
1 hard boiled egg
4 heaping tablespoons, of cream cheese
2 pitted green olives


Finely chop, both the egg and olives. Combine into cream cheese, by folding.
Spread paste onto laid out flattened Salmon slices and roll. Slice rolls about a ¼” thick,
on the diagonal. With full consideration, for presentation. Place slices, on a flat plate.
Do not use a bowl, as it won’t look as good. For this occasion, may I suggest the
best-bottled water, you can come up with. Don’t worry about left overs, as there
won’t be any. Should there be, feel free to indulge yourself. Your cats gonna love
you for, this dish. Brace for the purr factor 😊. Enjoy! Learn more about feeding your cat.

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