Crispy bacon to add to liver and eggs

Bacon, Bacon, Eggs and Liver!

Bacon, liver and eggs!

Not for human consumption. Should only be consumed, by an obligate carnivore. This recipe could instantly
clog your arteries, but not your cats. It’s an obligate carnivores’, dream meal.

3 slices, of bacon
2 large chicken livers
1 large egg

Directions to make the best bacon, liver and egg dinner for your cat.

Chop bacon slices, into ¼” pieces and fry on low heat. Fry chicken, in bacon fat along with the bacon.
Turn regularly, till thoroughly cooked, but not overdone. Slice liver into bite size pieces (cat, bite size).
It’s important to leave bacon & liver in bite size chunks (it should have chew appeal). Center and compile,
the bacon & liver, in the center of the frying pan. Over medium-low heat, crack the egg over meat and let
simmer till thoroughly cooked. Egg yolk should remain runny but cooked. Set pan aside and let cool, until
warm. Spatula the pile, egg on top into a bowl. Break up the egg, allowing the yolk to run through the meat
and serve. I wouldn’t worry about having leftovers, not when you’re serving bacon, liver and eggs to an obligate


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