Animal health technician

Becoming a certified animal professional.

Becoming a certified animal professional

Basic differences are, a veterinary technologist or technician is trained to be the veterinarian’s nurse, laboratory technician, radiography technician, anesthetist, surgical nurse and client educator. The two differ in the level of qualification and training. The technologist (4-year program, leading to a bachelor’s degree), has more extensive training than the technician (2-year program, leading to a certificate diploma) does. By definition:


“A technologist has a greater role than a technician. When comparing their education, a technologist will have a degree. A technician will have a lower degree or some kind of diploma certificate”. Both technologists and technicians may advance their careers, with accredited certificates in specializations. Such as emergency care or dentistry. And a veterinary assistant is as the name implies. They assist the veterinarian but do not involve themselves with procedure, to any depth, such as the technologist or technician may.

Both the technologist and technician, are accredited by the AVMA , in the United Sates, the CVMA  in Canada and the RCVS , in the United Kingdom.

Salary expectations

Salary expectations and job opportunities are good. An average expected rsalary, in USD$ for technologists is $25.00 per hour or approximately $50,000 per year. For a technician, it’s $17.00 per hour or approximately $35,000 per year. A veterinary assistant can expect a lower salary, but the salary may vary considerably. Employment prospects are excellent, the board average of 15% growth rate for these professions, per year in the coming foreseeable years.

Some other good news is, these accredited degrees and diplomas, are now available through online courses. There are approximately 10 schools which now offer these distant education services.

Whichever you may choose, I wish you the very best luck in your career path and career.


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