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I’m David and I’ll be representing both my daughter and I, for this introduction about us. So, a quick background on me. I’m an environmental biologist by degree. However, I never practiced in the profession but rather pursued a career in carpentry. Carpentry being my first passion, well actually second, as my first passion is animals, particularly cats. Through a couple of medical misfortunes, none too serious and both can be resolved surgically, for which I’m grateful.

In being confined, in the short term, I decided to start blogging. As far as cats go, I’ve got a lot to blog about and thought it would be a great place to introduce a new type of litter box I invented. This invention came out of need, as I do have 12 gets, at least for now. I’m primarily fostering, raising and looking for good homes for 8 of them. So, this litter box, I’ve invented is the result of having to change the litter boxes! For a large brood. I figured there had to be an easier way and I believe I found a better, quicker and easier way.

Laura, to the rescue.

But let’s put that aside for now, as I’d like to introduce my daughter for now. Her name is Laura, a.k.a. my princess. She’ll be helping me contribute all the pictures to my blog. She also has a lot to do with the number of cats we have. You see, she saves them and brings them home. She can’t pass on one call, to come and rescue, take in. She’s been busy lately and thus we’re full up. So, before I find homes for them, some too young to leave just yet. We thought you’d be interested in our ever-ongoing relationships with cats. In addition, to regular updates and pictures on the dozen felines we have. We’ll also be posting a lot of articles, personal stories, takes, and pics, on everything cat. As we evolve, we’ll also be adding to and expanding on our history. After all, there’s a lot more about us, than just this, I assure you.

Marbles, the family dog.

Here’s a pic of the 130 pound Marbles, the wonder dog.

More to come.😊

David & Laura.

Oh, I forget to mention Marbles, the family dog. You’ll be seeing and hearing a lot about him. He too loves cats.  Yup, you heard right, all 130 pounds of him loves cats. The pictures you’ll see here will demonstrate that love, at a minimum it will give you an idea, of his great ability to tolerate, lol.

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