Egyptian Mau is one of the 5 smallest cat breeds

5 smaller cat breeds

5 smaller cat breeds

Small breed cats share a lot of similar traits. Primarily, they’re all small 😊, but they also all tend to be very loving and affectionate. So, if you’re looking for a snuggler, you might want to own one of these little felines. Depending on pedigree, these cats can weigh as little as 5 pounds, as adults. In no particular order, 5 of the small breeds are:

The Munchkin. You’ve gotta love the name. This little feline fellow, is sweet, personable, outgoing, confident and adventurous.


The Bombay. They are energetic, loving, intelligent, sociable, playful, meowers and it is said, they can be leashed and walked. Hover, I’ve seen no evidence of this behaviour.


The Singapura. They are extremely friendly, outgoing, sociable, playful, inquisitive, intelligent, lively, affectionate. They demand a lot of attention.


The Egyptian Mau. Known to be very affectionate, talkative, friendly, playful and adventurous. Climbing seems to be what they love doing most.


The Burmese. They love to sit on laps. In addition, they are very loving, friendly, intelligent, playful, loyal, placid and affectionate.

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